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An unrivalled cross-language document comparator

You write contracts, requirements, specs, user manuals?
You are managing a website, a catalog, communication media?
You are preparing an annual report, collaborative reports, evolving studies?
You use proofreaders or translators?

ComPair freeware is the tool you miss

The universal document comparator:

A unique-in-the-world automatic spelling and grammar corrector

Spelling and grammar mistakes make you lose credibility with your prospects, customers, and collaborators?
Spelling checkers let you face choices showing rules that you don't understand?
Are they totally lost when your sentences contain a lot of mistakes?
Do they help you in the writing task?
You don't know how to adapt them to your business vocabulary?

Don't search anymore.

The automatic corrector for the extreme ordinary exists:

Discover why checking is not correcting

Multi-source Neural Machine Translation (NMT) without equivalent

Google Translate, DeepL, Bing Translator, Systran, etc. Which NMT provider to choose?
Which one is the best? On which types of texts one is better than the other?
How to detect when they are good and when they can no longer do?
Should you train your own dedicated NMT model?
How to make a quote without knowing the quality produced by NMTs?
How can we make sure that the post-editor remains vigilant when the pitfalls disappear in very pleasant translations of NMTs?
What are the words with confidence and those on which it is necessary to have a doubt in a given sentence?
How do I avoid a machine translator from altering a web address or email address included in a text?

Don't doubt anymore.

All solutions are in a single all-in-one box:

A terminological extraction with semantic linking of terms

You have a very specific business vocabulary?
Is misunderstanding due to a rough choice of words often harmful to you or your company?
You spend a lot of time choosing the appropriate expressions or finding their correct translations?
There is no available glossary or they are inaccessible?
There are glossaries, but they are very incomplete or do not give enough relevant contextual examples?
Bilingual glossaries are impossible to find and machine translations unsuitable?
You have raw documents but don't know how to value them at a reasonable cost?

Don't waste any more.

The automatic creation of contextual bilingual glossaries is just a click away:

A translation workflow with CAT tool at the cutting edge of technology


25 years of professional experience with Advanced Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and Deep Learning applied to multilingual document industrial processing: monolingual/multilingual document comparison, terminology extraction, lexicosemantic networks, spell checking, translation, ...

The tools listed below may be used freely, for whatever you want, for personal or professional purposes. They are there to demonstrate our know-how.
For advanced features or API access
If you have a project which requires our Artificial Intelligence and/or Linguistic skills

Multi-resolution semantic clustering/indexing
80M sentences (FR, EN, DE, ES)
Projection on axes 82/83 in dimension 1024

Adaptation from a generic corpus to a technical one
80M sentences (FR, EN, DE, ES)
Projection on axes 94/95 in dimension 1024

Technologies, demonstrators, and free tools

 NeuroSpell is the first automatic corrector / translator based on Deep Learning (neural network).

NeuroSpell is partially open-source via the OpenNeuroSpell project.

 Libellex is a complete intranet/extranet translation workflow: translation memory, statistical and neural automatic translation, terminology management, translator interface with access to multiple internal and external resources, management of exchanges between translators / reviewers / project managers / clients, translation reports.

 XSM is the first Cross-lingual Semantic Memory. Feed in any language, search sentences with similar meaning to a given sentence in any language.

 ComPair is an universal multilingual document comparison tool.

ComPair is a Desktop Freeware that will enable you to compare any documents, in any formats, in any languages, before/after a correction or before/after a translation. It produces comparison reports, that can be sent by email, to discuss your work with your customers, your translators, your partners, or your lawyers.

Download CompPair Installer here. Read the Quick Start Guide here.

 smusOO is a web monitoring tool.

smusOO is Desktop freeware that will enable you to configure a set of keywords to automate your daily searches, and only see what's really new, filtering out what you've already seen in the past.

Download smusOO Installer ici. Read the Quick Start Guide here.

 leXtract is a terminology extraction tool, with semantic term matching and grouping. It will enable you to analyze the semantic fields of a document in a single language, or compared with its translation.

 NSChunker is an open-source high quality POS-tagger, chunker, term extractor.

 BiLiEdit is a neural machine translation live-tuning demonstrator. Stay informed on Twitter @NeuroSpellO cub[AI]x